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Woman Enjoying WaterCarbon Block Technology’s (CB Tech) innovative, highly effective Solid Carbon Block Multipure Drinking Water Systems treat a broad spectrum of contaminants of aesthetic as well as health concern, making it the technology of choice for consumers throughout the world. CB Tech’s Multipure Drinking Water Systems products give you peace of mind by letting you control the quality of the water you drink.





Better Water – Better Health
For healthier living, experts recommend that you drink about eight glasses of water a day. Because our bodies are mostly water, water figures heavily in how our bodies function. Maintaining good health and proper hydration is easier with a Multipure Drinking Water System because the water tastes great.

The Leader in Performance
Since 1970, CB Tech has been the market leader in high performance with its Multipure branded drinking water systems. Only Multipure Drinking Water Systems are certified to reduce the wide range of contaminants shown herein. CB Tech is the industry leader in manufacturing compressed carbon block cartridges and drinking water systems utilizing its technologically advanced filters. Multipure Drinking Water Systems are backed by an unprecedented Lifetime Warranty.

How CB Tech’s Solid Carbon Block Filters Work
CBTADCB Tech produces the most effective carbon block water filters available on the market. When comparing a Multipure Drinking Water System’s filtration capabilities with other filters, you will find that the performance of Multipure Drinking Water Systems is superior. CB Tech’s Solid Carbon Block filters combine mechanical filtration, electrokinetic adsorption, and physical adsorption to provide the most effective contaminant reduction possible.

Contaminants with a physical size are electrokinetically adsorbed as water passes through the pre-filter which acquires a positive molecular charge attracting the negative ions of certain contaminants. Then the water passes through the densely compacted carbon block filter, where direct mechanical interception of particles as small as 0.5 micron occurs.

CBTAsThe compacted carbon block filter has a large surface area for chemical/physical adsorption to take place. With CB Tech’s Solid Carbon Block, the water contact time is longer and provides for greater adsorption of many different chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and certain heavy metals.

The formulation of the CBAs filters includes a specially developed arsenic adsorbtive media that is blended with the carbons, providing for the reduction of Arsenic V.

The filter is a replaceable cartridge design and easily can be changed. Filters should be replaced annually or sooner, if needed. Filter life will vary in proportion to the amount of water used and the level of impurities in the water being processed.

The most technologically advanced water treatment devices available, Multipure Drinking Water Systems provide performance that cannot be achieved with other filtration technologies. Simply put, Multipure provides the best in water filtration!

Unsurpassed Performance
Multipure Drinking Water Systems are tested according to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of:

*The CBAs models are certified to reduce Arsenic V and all other contaminants listed. The CB-VOC and MPADC do not reduce Arsenic V; however, they reduce all other contaminants listed.

The list of contaminants that Multipure Drinking Water Systems reduce does not mean that these substances are present in your tap water. Be sure to check for compliance with state and local laws and regulations.


A recent study from the Water Quality Association (WQA) reveals that the top two contaminants that Americans are concerned about in their drinking water are LEAD and ARSENIC.

CB Tech has been the leader in the drinking water industry with products that treat both lead and arsenic. Currently, CB Tech is the only manufacturer with a filter system NSF-certified to reduce levels of Arsenic V.


CBVOC Stainless Steel Drinking Water Systems
The CBVOC models are an excellent choice for those offices and households where limited space is a consideration. These high quality stainless steel models can be installed below the counter or on the countertop. They come with a Lifetime Warranty and provide a flow rate of 0.75 gpm @ 60 psi. The approximate housing size is 12.25” x 5.0”. The capacity of units with the CBTVOC filter is up to 750 gallons.

CBAs Stainless Steel Drinking Water Systems with Arsenic V Treatment
The CBAs models are an excellent choice for reducing a wide range of contaminants including Arsenic V. All models provide a convenient flow rate of 1.0 gpm @ 60 psi. The stainless steel systems offer outstanding performance and high-quality features. The housing size is 12.25” x 5.0”. The stainless steel housing comes with an unprecedented Lifetime Warranty. The capacity of the unit with the CBTAs filter is up to 600 gallons.

NSF LogoMultipure Drinking Water Systems conform to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 for the specific performance claims as verified and substantiated by test data, and conform to NSF/ANSI for pentavalent arsenic reduction. See the product performance data sheet for an explanation of reduction performance. The filter is not intended to be used where the water is microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the filter. Systems certified for cyst reduction may be used on disinfected water that may contain filterable cysts.

Water Guardian MPADC Drinking Water System
This durable polypropylene model is designed for countertop use only and offers outstanding performance and high-quality features. The cost effective and convenient MPADC connects to standard faucets without special tools. The housing is warranted for Lifetime. The MPADC provides a convenient flow rate of 0.75 gpm @ 60 psi, and the capacity of the unit with the CBTAD filter is up to 750 gallons. The approximate housing size is 10.5” x 8.8”.

Multipure below counter units come with a high-tech ceramic and chrome faucet that has a clean, modular design. It allows you to adjust the flow control at your sink.

Countertop models offer the convenience of being able to connect to your existing faucet with an easy-to-use diverter that allows you to switch from filtered to unfiltered water.

Systems with a Performance Monitor include an electronic indicator device that flashes when the filter should be changed. CB-VOC-SB-PID capacity is up to 1200 gallons using filter model CBTVOC, and the CBAs-SB-PID capacity is up to 960 gallons using filter model CBTAs.

Multipure Drinking Water Systems
The exclusive design has been certified, registered, and/or listed by:

Multipure is further recognized as:

NSFWhat is NSF® Certification?
The NSF® certification provides consumers peace of mind. NSF certifies that:

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