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The following information about Carbon Block Technology (CB Tech), our capabilities, and our products is available in Adobe PDF file format for convenient downloading.


Solution Guides

Carbon Block Buyer’s Guide:
Developing Specifications and Selecting a Supplier 

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Solid carbon blocks are one of the most effective and widely used technologies in the Point Of Use (POU) drinking water treatment industry.  Solid carbon blocks, or simply carbon blocks, are employed either as standalone treatment methods or in conjunction with other filtration technologies.  While seemingly simple at first glance, there are many factors to evaluate when designing and manufacturing an efficient carbon block water filter. This comprehensive guide addresses key considerations a buyer should evaluate when designing a carbon block filter and selecting a supplier.

Quality Carbon Block Filters Revealed:
The Carbon Block Technology Quality Assurance Plan

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A high performance carbon block filter is the predictable end result of combining comprehensive product planning, proven production methods, and effective quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Carbon Block Technology (CB Tech) consistently produces the highest performing solid carbon block filters available in the market today. Such consistency is a direct result of the company’s tightly controlled product manufacturing process and the quality assurance protocol followed from beginning to end. This Solution Guide outlines the quality assurance plan that CB Tech follows to ensure final product quality.

Why Standards Matter for Drinking Water Filters:
Raising the Bar for Performance Measurement

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The focus of this Solution Guide is on identifying the standards that apply to the products that are commonly utilized for treating drinking water at the point of use, and on what is behind the standards that make standards compliance so important. This Guide also outlines the testing protocol employed by the recognized leader in testing for the water filtration industry, NSF International. Finally, it describes how a leading drinking water filter manufacturer, Carbon Block Technology (CB Tech), employs standards compliance to help consumers evaluate and compare the company’s branded Multipure Drinking Water Systems products to competitive alternatives.

Fact Sheets

Carbon Block Technology Company Profile

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Multipure Drinking Water Systems Product Line Overview

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Multipure Drinking Water Systems Product Comparison Guide

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CB Tech Carbon Block Filter Cartridge Products

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CB Tech VOC/As Carbon Block Technology Products

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