CB Tech Carbon Block Filter Cartridges

Prices and terms effective July 1, 2014 and subject to change without notice.

CTO Carbon Block Filter Cartridges – Chlorine, Taste and Odor

ModelMicron RatingFilter SizeCase SizeRetail Price1,000+ Filters5,000+ Filters10,000+ Filters20,000+ Filters
CB10CTO2.5252.875 x 9.7525$8.95$4.50$4.00$3.60$3.25
CB20CTO2.5252.875 x 19.8025$16.95$8.50$7.60$6.85$6.20
CB10CTO4.5254.65 x 9.7516$28.50$14.40$12.90$11.60$10.55
CB20CTO4.5254.65 x 19.806$56.95$28.80$25.75$23.20$21.20
CB10-10M2.5102.875 x 9.7525$9.50$4.80$4.25$3.85$3.50
CB20-10M2.5102.875 x 19.8016$20.50$10.35$9.25$8.35$7.60
CB10-10M4.5104.65 x 9.7516$36.95$18.50$16.50$14.85$13.50
CB20-10M4.5104.65 x 19.806$65.95$33.25$29.70$26.75$24.30

SUBM* Carbon Block Filter Cartridges - Submicron, VOC

ModelMicron RatingFilter SizeCase SizeRetail Price1,000+ Filters5,000+ Filters10,000+ Filters20,000+ Filters
CB10SUBM2.50.52.875 x 9.7525$10.95$5.55$4.95$4.45$4.05
CB20SUBM2.50.52.875 x 19.8016$23.50$11.85$10.55$9.50$8.65
CB10SUBM4.50.54.65 x 9.7516$42.50$21.45$19.15$17.25$15.70
CB20SUBM4.50.54.65 x 19.806$85.50$43.20$38.60$34.75$31.60

SUBMPb* Carbon Block Filter Cartridges - Submicron, VOC and Lead

ModelMicron RatingFilter SizeCase SizeRetail Price1,000+ Filters5,000+ Filters10,000+ Filters20,000+ Filters
CB10SUBMPb2.50.52.875 x 9.7525$11.95$5.95$5.30$4.75$4.30
CB10SUBMPb2.50.52.875 x 19.8016$29.95$15.15$13.55$12.20$11.10
CB10SUBMPb4.50.54.65 x 9.7516$53.95$27.35$24.40$22.00$20.00
CB10SUBMPb4.50.54.65 x 19.806$116.95$59.10$52.75$47.55$43.25

Wholesale Terms

Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, Wholesale Buyer (hereafter referred to as “Customer”) hereby agrees to abide by the following Carbon Block Technology, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “CB Tech”) policies:

  1. Prices listed are FCA Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges. CB Tech will not drop ship orders to Customer’s customers.
  2. Currency is in U.S. Dollars.
  3. Lead time for delivery is thirty (30) days from receipt of Customer’s binding Purchase Order unless otherwise specified at the time Customer’s order is placed.
  4. Transactions must be prepaid (wire transfer, check drawn on U.S. bank, or Visa/Mastercard credit card drawn on U.S. Bank). CB Tech will not absorb charges by banks or others relative to transfer, exchange, collection of funds, handling of paperwork, or communications concerning shipments. Such charges will be borne by Customer and added to any remittance due CB Tech. CB Tech may offer Net 30 payment terms on approved credit.
  5. Minimum order quantity is 1,000 units, however, an initial trial order of one case or more will be accepted.
  6. Orders are to be submitted via fax or email in the form of a Purchase Order (PO). The PO should include Customer’s contact information, model number, quantity, price, shipping instructions and payment information.
  7. Buyer must accept delivery of products over a maximum period of 12 months from date of PO.
  8. All orders must acknowledge the terms and conditions of sale by including a copy of the current Wholesale Purchase Terms and Conditions (this document) signed by Customer’s authorized representative.
  9. Inquiries and request for quotes may be directed to:
    CB Tech Contract Sales                           Phone: 702.304.7960
    Email: sales@carbonblocktech.com     Fax: 702.360.9373

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