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How To Choose

While Carbon Block Technology (CB Tech) offers many Multipure Drinking Water Systems from which to choose to filter your water, the following questions and recommendations will make the selection process much easier for you.

1. Do you need the most economical, lowest-priced filter without sacrificing performance?
We recommend the Water Guardian (Model MPADC) with a list purchase price of $259.95 plus shipping.

2. How much countertop space can you spare?
Countertop systems are very easy to install on a standard kitchen faucet, and they are easy to relocate to another sink, if needed. These systems do take up countertop space next to the sink and they are always visible. The Countertop systems include the following models, which are ranked from least to most expensive:

3. Do you want a temporary or permanent installation?
Below Counter systems are more permanent than the Countertop systems, and are well suited for people who own their own home. The Below Counter systems are mounted under the sink and tap directly into the kitchen cold water supply. The systems are mounted out of sight with only a faucet visible at the sink. The Below Counter systems include the following models, which are ranked from least to most expensive:

4. How much water do you expect to use?
Each of the Systems has a rated capacity in gallons of water filtered. This is the rated capacity of the filter cartridge before the cartridge must be replaced with a new one:

5. Do you plan to connect an icemaker to your water filter?
You should consider only the Below Counter systems if you plan to connect an icemaker directly to the system. The systems designated “SI” in the model number are designed for just such applications. However, all of the Below Counter systems can be installed with a T-fitting to allow connection of both a faucet and an icemaker. The Inline systems include:

6. Do you have Arsenic in your water?
If you have a problem with Arsenic contamination in your water supply, you should only consider using the CBAs series systems:

7. Do you want to be reminded when it’s time to replace the cartridge?
If you would like to precisely monitor the time to replace your filter cartridge and extend the life of the cartridge, you should consider using the “Extended Life” models: