CB Tech products are some of the most effective, economical, convenient, and reliable water filtration products available today. CB Tech products can aesthetically improve water and reduce a wide range of contaminants of health concern. NSF certification offers additional quality assurance.

Custom Filters

Carbon Block Trio

CB Tech can manufacture custom filters for your specific needs. Design a filter to meet your size, contaminant, performance, and certification requirements.



CB Tech’s Nanomesh can make your custom filter product a universal solution for your water filtration and purification needs.

Military Grade Waterbox


The WaterBox™ delivers pure, great tasting water in remote locations around the world without the use of chemicals or heat.

Standard Filters

Carbon Block Technology Standard Filter

CB Tech filters combine the highest quality, FDA-compliant raw materials with cutting-edge manufacturing methods resulting in unequaled performance.

Drinking Water Systems

Countertop Drinking Water System

CB Tech offers a full line of high-performance drinking water systems featuring our proprietary Solid Carbon Block filter technology.

Replacement Filters

standard water filter

CB Tech’s Solid Carbon Block replacement filters for our Drinking Water Systems provide safer, more refreshing and delicious water.

Need A Customized Filters?