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CB Tech Quality Assurance Plan

filterCarbon Block Technology (CB Tech) manufactures solid carbon block filters that have been independently tested and certified as the highest performing water filters available.

Download a copy of our Solution Guide, Quality Carbon Block Filters Revealed: The Carbon Block Technology Quality Assurance Plan, to learn how we do it.

A high performance carbon block filter is the predictable end result of combining comprehensive product planning, proven production methods, and effective quality control throughout the manufacturing process. CB Tech consistently produces the highest performing solid carbon block filters available in the market today. Such consistency is a direct result of the company’s tightly controlled product manufacturing process and the quality assurance (QA) protocol followed from beginning to end. 

The CB Tech manufacturing process consists of many well integrated elements. The final product is a carbon block filter with superior filtration properties, as evidenced by the actual effectiveness of the filter in contaminant removal compared to competitive products. This paper outlines the QA protocol that CB Tech follows to ensure final product quality and delves into:

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