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CB Tech WaterBox

Fast, Easy-To-Use, Dependable and Cost Effective


Built with CB Tech Nanomesh™ Technology, the WaterBox is a fast, easy-to-use, dependable and cost-effective mobile water purification system. The WaterBox™ delivers pure, great tasting water in remote locations without the use of chemicals or heat.  It removes bacteria, virus and cysts to USEPA drinking water standards. It is tested to and compliant with NSF P248 standards.

Military Waterbox



  • CB Tech’s Nanomesh™ filters removes 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, 99.9% of cysts and significantly reduces heavy metal (e.g. lead and cadmium)
  • CB Tech’s Nanomesh™ and carbon block filters reduce sediment, chlorine, disinfection by-products (THMs and HAAs)  organophosphates (pesticides and herbicides), total organic carbon (TOC) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while preserving healthy minerals
  • CB Tech’s Nanomesh™ acts as a carbon block filter and purifier, which makes The WaterBox™ a portable water filter and purifier.
  • CB Tech’s Nanomesh™ are used in products with NSF Protocol P231/P248 certification that verifies its ability to remove bacteria, viruses and cysts — an essential feature for any mobile water treatment system.
  • The WaterBox™ is compatible with existing military solar options
  • The WaterBox™ features multi-voltage power supply converters with several safety features, including electronic overload, overvoltage and overheating protection.
  • The WaterBox™ offers two inlet device options, a float or adapter intake, providing your team with multiple ways to use our portable water filter in the field.
  • The WaterBox™ provides a 25-foot reinforced wire intake hose for convenient access to water sources.
  • The WaterBox™ includes a 12-month warranty to ensure the integrity, quality and performance of our portable water treatment system.
  • The WaterBox™ arrives with its CB Tech Nanomesh® Stage I and Stage II filter cartridges installed, including spares, for fast setup and testing by you and your team.
  • The WaterBox™ serves Special Forces worldwide.
  • Lightweight, rugged casing and freeze damage resistant components ensure long service life
  • Setup is less than five minutes with immediate purification using no chemicals and delivering no wastewater
  • Hoses and cartridges are easy to clean and replace
  • Fresh cartridges provide a flow rate of 0.5 gpm
  • Multi-voltage power supply options adaptable to any field situation


Dimensions – 63.2 cmx 60.2 cm x 33cm (24.9 in x 23.7 in x 13.1 in)

Weight – Dry 34.5 kg (76lbs), Wet 38kg (88.7lbs)

Flow Rate – 2.0lpm (0.5 gpm)

Prime – Self-priming up to 2.4 meters (8ft) Prime with check valve up to 6 meters (20ft)

Power Source – 12-24VDC or 115-230 VAC (50-60 Hz)

Included Parts — Two CB Tech Nanomesh™ Stage II and five Stage I filter cartridges, 25’ of 3/8” reinforced wire intake hose, 10’ of 3/8” reinforced wire outlet hose, 12 VDC/24 VDC power cable, filter housing wrench, float with inlet pipe and anchor, inlet adaptor, nylon mesh component storage bag, 120 and 230 VAC GFI plug, 12 VDC cigarette lighter adapter, O-Ring Lubricant, one-way valve assembly and an operation manual.

Capacity – WaterBox™: 6,000 Liters (Includes 5 CB Tech’s Nanomesh™ Stage 1 filters and 2 Stage 2 filters. WaterBox™ Reload kit: 15,000 liters (Includes 8 CB Tech’s Nanomesh™ Stage 1 and 2 Stage 2 filters)  * Capacity dependent on quality of water source

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